More Attention To Students

Today, us teachers must pay attention to many factors so that our classes 📚 are as productive as possible, both for our students and for us.
1. Understand, adapt and accompany the changes in teaching. It’s very important that we do not stagnate because of our fears or insecurities. Trusting in ourselves and being consistent in our training, adapting will be easier.
2. Create eye-catching presentations. You can find (free) templates on the internet.
3. Listen, motivate and encourage the student. It’s essential for us to create a bond with the students and, thus, understand them better to prepare custom classes.

4. Use collaborative tools to promote interaction. You can find more information on this point in my previous posts and in my highlights.

By putting the student at the center of our planning, it will automatically force us to rethink the objectives of our courses, especially in this emergency and pandemic content.
In this way, we’ll be able to re-evaluate and understand which contents will generate the most interest in our students
If we transform the concept from teacher to “coach” our way of teaching and learning will turn 180º 🔄. How?
Today the idea of teachers as guides and tutors of their students’ increasingly accepted, creating a network of education and support, in order to achieve much deeper learning in their community. Active listening’s a fundamental part of this transformation: the teacher-coach now listens and learns, constantly improving thanks to the feedback they receive and aren’t afraid of changes ✔️. In addition, they’re characterized by flexibility in being able to adapt to any educational context and the action of acting as a support for its students, instilling self-confidence.

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